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very interesting, and most likely true §
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"With the rabid pubbies in charge of the entire government for 6 years, if there were even a glimmer of truth in this wouldn't there have been a witchhunt rivaling Whitewater? Nevermind. I can see you're past help."

  • What we have reported is correct. Why the Bush administration is not doing anything about is a different question. We are asking the same question. Why Mr Al Gore and his associate Hillary Clinton are walking free? You do not have to worry about whitewater, as they have murdered enough people. Read the "body count link on Clinton-Gore".
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a) the local police are not generally in the habit of murdering people. the CIA? maybe.
b) if an organized element of our government were going to kill someone, they wouldn't fuck it up. end of story."

  • a) You should read the newspapers more. Thousands of innocent people have been shot by the police.

  • b) Yes. If a few people know about the case. If there are a lot of people involved in the case, it is not that simple as you think.
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Your assessment of Hillary and Gore regarding their vision for the US is spot on. They are socialists and would like nothing less than a massive commune for the US.
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Wow, that is some interesting information! It is certainly NO surprise that the mass media won't touch it, but I bet drugereport would! Please keep your info coming and you are welcome here. We will amass as much information, publicly, on this woman as we can to be sure. In the end, we may be the only place for this type of information about Hillary. She is GREAT at propaganda!

Posted by Cathy Miller Administrator on "Project Forums"
Posted: 19 June 2007

Thanks for posting this information. People forget just how corrupt the Clintons really are. While Bill Clinton was President, here are just some of the statistics that people in his administration were convicted of:

  • Drug trafficking (3),
  • racketeering, extortion, bribery(4),
  • tax evasion, kickbacks, embezzlement (2),
  • fraud (12),
  • conspiracy (5),
  • fraudulent loans, illegal gifts(1),
  • illegal campaign contributions(5),
  • money laundering (6)
For a complete list of the Clinton’s crime stats you can visit the Progressive Review list here:

More Clinton scandals here:
And to view the list of mysterious deaths that surrounds the Clintons here:

Notice that it’s the Progressive Review that has kept tract of this information. They are hardly part of the vast right wing conspiracy

Posted on Yahoo Groups: Is the Police "liberal" or "conservative"? July 14 2007

Liberal ... or conservative? Actually, neither ... it depends on the powers-that-be, that are running the show. They worship the politicians, not the job, nor the people, they claim to serve!

One must seriously sit down, and ask himself (and then ask the cop himself!) where he stands, on the Constitution (which supposedly, he swore to protect and honor), on fairness, on honesty, on his support of "life as we know it".

Or ... would he support blindly, the whims of a dictator (from municipal-level, all the way to the "Decider"!), who's obvious intent is to tyrannize the people??? Would he enforce obviously UNCONSTITUTIONAL and unfair laws, if told to do so, or would he use common sense, and realize its wrong??? Would he fight against his fellow citizens, or would he discover within his own psyche, the reality of what this world really is? This is a question he needs to ask himself, before he commits himself to a life of tyranny.

The looney idea that "we are just following orders" has already been proven to be a dead-end excuse; at Nuremberg, circa 1946, the guards of the Nazi camps used that excuse, and found out on the spot that it did not matter...they still faced the hangman's noose. And the reality is, America may one day itself, hold a similar tribunal! So ... Cop beware: someday in the future, you may get the opportunity to count the stairs on the gallows.

Will the same excuse be the fate of those who "simply follow the orders" of their Commissars, as they drive through the neighborhoods in their SWAT-mobiles, armed to the teeth, killing and maiming, because they "have the authority"? Me thinks these fools are likely to feel a backlash beyond their wildest imagination, as Americans quickly "re-discover" their "cajones", and take action.

Cops have very recently gone from the hero of kids in the neighborhoods, to the enemy, in every sense of the word. There isn't a single city I can think of (in America), where cops are honored, protected, or assisted anymore, and one needs to ask ... WHY?

One can sit in front of the TV, and watch every bullshit series possible about the "honorable behavior" of cops, and discover that imagination and reality are two totally different animals! An "Honest Cop" falls into the same category as an honest lawyer, judge, politician, or Congress-critter! MYTHICAL at best ....

Its not "we the people" that need to ask that, but rather, the cops themselves need to come to the reality of it all, and ask themselves ... is "law enforcement" , the "convenient killing" of perps (and the innocent, most of the time!) and the stealing of people's homes, money, and property, to finance their new lifestyles the thing that endear them to the people??? Not likely! If anything, it will cause further eroding of their standing in the American society.

I suspect that within the next five years, if not sooner, people will be taking pot-shots at cops, just to prove themselves. Cops in return, will hide their uniforms and likely hide "undercover" for fear of their lives.

If you know a cop, you might ask him/her seriously ... is it really worth it? Is turning against the people, TO PROTECT THE CORRUPTION OF THE ELITE, worth the price they may be forced to pay? Bet'cha won't get an honest answer from any of them!

By the way, you don't need a badge to buy doughnuts ....

Stock up! Keep your powder dry ... there is a "smell" of revolution in the air!


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Just read your blog. SAIC has tapped your phone lines and Raytheon is surveiling you through your TVs (Get your hand off of Hillary's boob, Gore!). Triple C is handling the hit. We've got the targeting and oversight contract. Better luck next time, Abraxas.

Posted by: Boozing Allen Dulles July 31, 2007 at 15:54Brother Boozing(?) Allen Dulles::

Allah Akbar, God is Great. Peace be on You. Thanks for the information. I did not know about phone tapping. I make many calls to Brother Rev. Osama B Laden in addition to calls to the local Pizza Delivery Shop. I am going to be very careful about my calls, I mean to the Pizzeria. I knew that Pizza Hut is run by the US government. No. Sorry I mean the US government is run by Pizza Hut. That is the reason for the invasion of Iraq. They want to send more Pizzas to Iraq. Praise The Lord and Pass the Ammunition.

Posted on "Who Runs the CIA?" R.J. Hillhouse

We all know Booz Allen Dulles usually does mediocre job at best, so I'm not counting on their aforementioned targeting and oversight contract to take care of things, so I'm going to have to step in.

This is not a billboard to advertise your latest half-baked conspiracy theory. Attributing your whacked out quotes to the Carter, Deutsch, Zelikow Foreign Affairs article is dishonest and unacceptable.

  • We are using a much better baking oven now. We have added tomatoes, mushrooms and onions with parmasan cheese. We can do home delivery and it is included in the price.
Pat Buchana: State of Emergency

  • Democracy is not enough. If the culture dies, the country dies.-- State of Emergency
  • By nation of origin of our people, by 2050, America will be a Third World country. Our great cities will all look like Los Angeles today. Los Angeles and the cities of the Southwest will look like Juarez and Tijuana...
  • -- State of Emergency

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Posted by schnapps

Private enterprise doing the job of government is a growing trend. Very few Americans are aware of what is happening. The ’war on terrorism’, and the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have really ramped up this trend. Another big factor has been the increasing inefficiency of government agencies due to their efforts to hire minority workers who often times can barely spell their own names and are also very lazy. Once these workers are hired, it is virtually impossible to fire them. As more and more of these worthless workers fill up government agencies, the agencies start to slow down and fail to handle their mission.

A private company can step in and supply better quality people to do the job. Even American generals in Iraq and Afghanistan use private security people to guard and protect them. It wasn’t this way just ten years ago.

Private companys can also bypass a lot of rules and laws that control government agencies. Most, if not all, of these private companies are politically connected. They make vast profits that the American taxpayer pays for.

  • We are discussing a different subject. It is whether intelligence is a public good or a commodity.
  • If intelligence is a public good, then it does not matter if you outsource it. It will behave as a public good and not as a commodity even it is produced in a ”private company”.
  • Also US intelligence is not run by Mexican workers. It is run by Americans.
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Posted by Nebraska Footboll
Not just $200,000/month which is impressive in itself, but he also endured extreme rendition to Europe multiple times under heavy drug sedation, Black-Ops manipulations of his engine block which was coupled with an obvious Local Law Enforcement/Police Conspiracy, multiple benevolent CEO's that own mega-software companies worth Billions believing that by offering him job interviews, that his employment would cause these atrocities to magically and miraculously cease. And finally, to top it all off, he was “expecting” to receive a Congressional Medal of Honor, or perhaps even the prestigious Medal of Freedom, but instead what he received was toxic gassing of his home that injured he and a relative!!!

August 9th, 2007, 2:56 pm
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I wish someone would drug me and take me to Europe.
Ireland would be nice.

And I'll take the 200k/month job, please....

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Default Bro, you got it all wrong. First, you have to be contacted, out of the blue, by the DNC, then you donate a few bucks, 'cause, even though you are not a Democrat, and even though you have never done anything for them, you just figure, "Hey, why not?", THEN, the DNC contacts you with a job that only a schmuck would turn down, THEN, you have to have the CHP sabatoge your car, THEN you have to have all of the Silicon Valley conspire against you, lose your job, have your house ransacked and all of your worldly possessions stolen (but apparently not your library card so you can still get access to the Internets), THEN and ONLY THEN, do you get to be drugged and flown to Europe. Come on man, read the guy's post...

You WILL be
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Hey.... since you are here.

Who really shot JFK?
Where is the ship and aliens from Roswell?

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I think you shot JFK.

Also I did not know anything about alien landing in Roswell.
But after seeing your picture, I think aliens have
landed in Roswell, New Mexico.

How did you end up working for Hanity Forum?.
Is the pay good?

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Thanks for revealing the plot line of
"The Bourne Ultimatum"...
now I can save the $8 and wait for the DVD.

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Doesn't this all seem a little over-elaborate to you?

Why not just kill them and bury the bodies?


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So what, I've had that happen twice and you don't
see me going and starting a blog to bitch about it do
you? Grow up! The world is rough.

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Hey, for a hundred million dollars I'll vote democrat.
Where do I sign up? lol